Relax - Linalool - 10ml

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Coming Soon! Relax - Linalool - 10ml Terpene Isolate

Premium Terpene Isolates - Precision-distilled from fresh botanicals.
Food grade. Highest purity.

 It has a delightfully sweet and subtle lavender-like scent enhanced by floral and woody notes, which add to its natural complexity. 

Supplements containing this terpene are quickly gaining popularity because of the potential symbiotic relationship it may have when combined with other CB1 and CB2 receptor binding molecules. It will not induce any psychotropic effects, but it may cause sedative effects. This synergistic phenomenon is called the “Entourage Effect.”

Tinctures, topicals, capsules, beverages, and food are a couple of examples of products accessible in the marketplace today that contain this wonderful terpene. Manufacturers use Linalool to enhance the flavor and aroma characteristics of their products. Some researchers suggest that Linalool benefits include therapeutic benefits such as: 

  • Potent anti inflammatory properties
  • Pain-reducing qualities 
  • Anxiety and depression reduction
  • Calming effects

Australian regulatory law prevents us from discussing or linking to resources on the wellness potential of these products, which are sold for flavouring purposes only. Let us focus on quality while you use your search engine to keep up to date with the latest research in this fascinating field.