Reishi Spores up to 700x more powerful

It’s claimed that reishi spore oil is 700x more immunologically potent than the mushroom itself. It’s a powerful ally for those seeking to include reishi in their wellness journey. 

What are reishi spores?

One way in which reishi mushroom benefits wellness is via its spores. What are reishi spores, and what can they do for your health?


When the fruiting body of the reishi mushroom matures, it releases spores. A spore is a one-celled reproductive unit produced by fungi such as mushrooms. Spores are released from the underside of the mushroom’s head, as shown in the illustration above.

Within a few minutes of their release, these spores cover the entire surface of the reishi mushroom. And within a few hours, the spores spread to cover the micro-environment that immediately surrounds the mushroom. 

Reishi spores have unique tonic and medicinal value. The reishi mushroom contains nutrients called triterpenes; spores are far richer in this nutrient than the fruiting body.

However, each spore has a hard coating that makes it indigestible to humans. To reap their benefits, spores are cracked via a modern technique. This technique allows the spore to be digested.

Cracked reishi spores are highly prized and are more expensive than other forms of reishi. In Asia, these spores have been used as solutions to treat cancer and promote longevity.

After the spores have been cracked, an oil can be extracted. This is known as reishi spore oil, and it’s a valued substance in traditional Chinese medicine.

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