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Our Secret Ingredients?

More about Terpenes?


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100% Natural Terpene Ingredients

Active terpene ingredients sourced from mangoes, oranges and pine contained in an organic hemp seed oil 

"I didn't realise how badly i was actually sleeping until i stopped taking CB2 for a few nights straight. The difference is noticeable. I literally have the most vivid dreams when i take it and sleep the whole way through."


"I've been taking CB2 in the morning with my tea and it helps me start the day feeling calm and grounded."


"I struggle to switch off my overactive mind in the evenings. CB2 helps me unwind and get into my body and out of my thoughts before bed."


"Vivid dreams, and a decent sleep! I look forward to my adventures when i go to bed lol"


"We have three kids, our youngest is two, she has just started coming into our room over the past two weeks; I havent been waking to her, i just find her in our bed in the morning."